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🌍✨ Exciting News from the COOLTOUR Project! ✨🌍

We had an amazing time in Rome, Italy, from September 4th to 11th, 2023, as part of the COOLTOUR project. We were a group of 24 participants from Estonia, Italy, Poland, and Türkiye, hosted by Soro Tori. Our goal was to share experiences, stories, and ideas, and learn from each other. We wanted to gather useful knowledge for our project and future work. Here’s what we did during our trip: 🏛️ We visited local cultural and youth institutions. 🧠 We learned and came up with cool digital tools and solutions with expressive photo techniques. 👥 We met experts, educators, youth workers, and creative people who have made a difference in our project’s topic. Our days were packed with exciting experiences. We explored places like Campo dei Fiori, Ghetto, CPIA 4 School for Adults, Museo Garibaldino, and the Archaeological Museum. We also took part in a street youth work activity, met the president at Campidoglio, checked out the Capitolini Museum, and even visited a local kindergarten to be able to mention local culture. This trip not only expanded our knowledge but also brought us closer as a diverse group of people who care about culture, youth, and education. We’re excited to use what we’ve learned in the next stages of our COOLTOUR project. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our amazing adventure! 🌐🤗

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