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🎨 COOLTOUR Creative Designers Training Course in Niebor贸w! 🌍

Diverse minds, one mission: 24 creative souls from 4 partner countries came together between 1-8th of December 2023 at Niebor贸w for our Creative Designers Training Course!

Let鈥檚 check the main elements of this training hosted by @folkier_pl and delivered by Aleksandra Szmurlik-Dominguez and Urszula Mali艅ska-Mark 💪🏻

🔮 Unveiling Competencies: Delving deep into the art of crafting culturally rich activities, we aim to empower youth with unique experiences.

🚀 Innovation in the Air: Inspired by our first Training Course in Estonia, participants are now crafting prototypes on the spot! Their mission? To design activities that speak to the hearts of local youth.

🌈 Experiential Learning: The foundation of our journey. Learning as a process in which experience is transformed into knowledge. We’re Our learning journey involves experiencing, reflecting, thinking and acting thanks to this methodology.

🌟 Design Thinking Unleashed: It’s more than a method; it’s a mindset. A creative approach to problem-solving that fits the real-world narrative of seeking diverse options, not a single right answer.

🌐 Global Impact: Participants, now our COOLTOUR multipliers, will spread the magic in their home communities. It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about fostering a culture of creativity.

🎥 Witness the Brilliance: Dive into our 1-minute video capturing the essence of our workshops and intercultural evenings. 📸🕺💃

Stay tuned as we weave creativity, heritage, and youth empowerment into the fabric of our journey! 🚀

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