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22 V’là Erasmus+

“22 V’là Erasmus+” project is co-funded by French National Agency under Erasmus+ Small Scale Partnership in Youth Field with “2022-3-FR02-KA210-YOU-000099959” reference number to be implemented between 01.01.2023 – 31.12.2023.

With the participation of the organizations from Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Türkiye; we aim to create a long-term cooperation among the organizations which have diverse experiences in Youth Sector. The partnership consortium is consisting of below organizations;
– Dobrovolnické centrum, z.s. (CZ) , – Bundesvereinigung Nachhaltigkeit e.V. (DE) , – SC ENOA LINGUISTICS SRL (RO) , – Stowarzyszenie Wspierania Działań na Rzecz Osób Potrzebujacych Pomocy DROGA (PL) , – IYER –
International Youth Empowerment Randers (DK) , – IUVENTA NEVLADINA ORGANIZACIJA UDRUZENJE (RS) , – ASSOCIATION INTERCULTURA (FR) , – Conseil Départemental des Côtes d’Armor (FR) , – Association Cap à Cité (FR) , – Ligue de l’enseignement des Côtes d’Armor (FR) , – ISTANBUL KULTUR VE SPOR DERNEGI (TR) , – COLLECTIU LA VIBRIA DINICIATIVES CULTURALS PER LA TOLERANCIA I LA (ES).

Through this project, which is part of a global strategy carried out at the level of the Côtes d’Armor Department by the « Relais Europe » in the territories, we aim to increase the number of Erasmus+ projects submitted by the youth structures and beyond, increase the number of European mobilities for young Costarmoricains. Our goal is to remove the obstacles to identifying a partner for a first project and writing a project.

To achieve this objective, we plan to implement a support program over the year 2023:
– A 4-day contact seminar in Côtes d’Armor (May)
– 10 “jobshadowing” mobility grants for inexperienced professionals
– A 3-day Erasmus+ project writing training course in Côtes d’Armor
– A time for assessment / evaluation / projects writing, at the end of the year
– Writing a catalog of European partners

Expected Impact with the realization of the project is;
– Creation of an European partners network
– 5 youth structures with little experience in the Erasmus+ program took part in the contact seminar and carried out European mobility via “job shadowing” with a European partner
– Youth structures in the Côtes d’Armor department have been trained in writing Erasmus+ projects
– At the end of the project, 5 Erasmus+ projects will be set up by youth structures with little experience in the Erasmus+ program

Stay tuned to learn more about the local and European impact of this project!