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Volunteering at IKOS

Ikos volunteers focus on constantly improving themselves by engaging in activities related to their areas of interest and enthusiastically sharing the knowledge and experience they gain with others. In this way, they become conscious and competent individuals in areas such as culture, art, and sports, shaping their lives accordingly. At the same time, believing fully in the power of experiential learning, they never neglect to apply the knowledge they have learned in practice throughout their lives. Thus, while improving their own skills in any given field, Ikos volunteers also help others to develop themselves.

75 volunteers who successfully completed the IKOS volunteer program

IKOS Volunteer Program

This program is offered both online and in-person, and is provided through the website, of which the volunteer is a member and content developer. In this program, volunteers receive online education on the fundamentals of experiential learning, learning styles, learning through sports and art, intercultural learning, active citizenship, the foundations of volunteering, and social empowerment for vulnerable groups. Through these online courses, participants have the opportunity to shape their own learning processes and further develop themselves. Besides the volunteer program, they can contribute to their personal development by taking other courses on the platform for free.