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Digit-Art Commences with Virtual Youth Gathering

With the leading role of our Vice Chair, Okan Yahşi, a virtual gathering is held with 16 young individuals from Antalya on 27th January 2024. The session focused on introducing the Digit-Art project, outlining learning objectives, detailing planned activities, and conducting a Q&A session. Following this, task assignments were distributed among the participants.

Key Points:
– Introduction and Presentation: The virtual meeting began with introductions, creating a platform for participants to acquaint themselves. Okan Yahşi provided a detailed presentation of the Digit-Art project, emphasizing its goals and methodologies.

– Learning Objectives and Outcomes: The session covered specific learning objectives and anticipated outcomes, ensuring a clear understanding of the educational focus of the project.

– Task Division: A structured Q&A session was followed by the distribution of tasks among the participants, fostering collaboration for effective project management.

As the project progresses, the group of young individuals will engage in multimedia creation process as outlined in the project timeline. Stay tuned to follow this creative process!