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Digit-Art Team in Paris!

The Kick Off Meeting for the Digit-Art project was successfully conducted in Paris from October 5th to 8th, 2023. 7 representatives from coordinating and partner organizations 🇫🇷 🇹🇷 🇧🇬 🇪🇸 convened to address key project aspects:

– Budget & Task Management: Discussions focused on financial aspects and task management.
– Logistics and Organization: Planning for local activities in each country was outlined.
– Path 1 Music Production: Emphasis was on the ambitious music production phase utilizing free software and apps.
– Website Development: The team explored the structure and content for the project website.
– Feedback and Dissemination: Strategies for promoting project work were discussed, including filming and editing local sessions.

🤝 Participating Organizations:
– Autarcie Productions (France) – Coordinator
– Istanbul Culture and Sport Association (Türkiye)
– Foundation “Situational Center Open Doors” (Bulgaria)

☀️ Digit-Art project proceeds with the Music Production Phase (October 2023 – January 2024), followed by Partners Meetings, local workshops, and a Final Evaluation Meeting in Antalya/Türkiye in October 2024. Stay tuned to learn more about the creative process!