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“FIT FOR KIDS EUROPE” project is granted!

“Fit For Kids Europe” is funded by European Commission Executive Agency in the scope Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership Action. Project life time is consisting of 3 years between 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2022. The main goal of the project ” Fit for Kids” is to establish a network of EU sport associations and other related NGO’s who wish to collaborate on increasing the participation of inactive, overweight and obese children in after-school organised physical activities.

With this Collaboration we intend to reach this main goal by combining three actions:
1) expand the FitforKids programme
2) present FitforKids as a best-in-class case study and true driver for volunteer based social/health programmes
3) recognition of the ethnic Turks living in EU Member States

Partnership Consortium:
Coordinator: Fit for Kids Europe, Denmark
Aventura Marão Clube, Portugal
İstanbul Kültür ve Spor Derneği, Turkey
L’Orma Societa Sportiva Dilettantistica, Italy
İstanbul Avrupa Araştırmaları Derneği (IAAD), Turkey