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Fourth online meeting of Gang Creatif is held!

On 3rd of July, decided tasks in previous online meeting is held within moderation of La Vibria (Spain).

Due to the tasks; each participant has listed 3 problematic situations in which he/she is or was confronted in his daily work, whether at the local or European level. We have tried to find a lasting solution to overcome these situations by using virtual problem-solving methods.

Two new methods are implemented such as;
– Cloud Method: Each participant has taken a photo of one or more clouds representing something for them.
– Let your photo be your words: Each participant has chosen a photo and a date that is important for them. These photos are photo montaged and various scenarios are guessed by meeting participants.

Zoom platform’s feature to set various virtual back grounds and how to connect the online websites to discuss matters are talked and new platforms for meetings and user-friendly applications are shared among meeting participants.