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Gang Cretaif has implemented second virtual meeting!

On 15th of May 2020, second virtual meeting is held within the participation of Non-Formal Educators from 5 countries!

Each trainer has adopted a method to be implemented in online platforms. In total, 12 methods are shared and feedbacks on online implementations are collected.

Some of the methods for getting to know each other are shared and 2 trainers from IKOS have presented two methods. These methods are;
– More than One Story: More Than One Story is a unique and powerful card game which builds bridges between people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures. It is being used by schools, municipalities, and organizations all over Sweden and has been spread in over twenty languages by our partners around the world.
– SnapShot: This game is an interactive game to evaluate the way people understand and embody words and concepts. It also gives an insight into the cultural backgrounds of people’s perceptions of concepts.

Stay tuned to learn more about adaptive tools to be implemented in virtual meetings!