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Integration 101 is funded by EACEA!

Integration 101: inclusion of refugees through sports is an Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships Sport Project between;
– United Societies of Balkan (GR),
– Se Poate (RO),
– Champions Factory (IE),
– IKOS (TR),
– Budapest Association of International Sports (HU)
– L’Orma (IT)

The project will be running for 24 months and it aims to create innovative tools focused on the use of grassroots sports and the promotion of education through sports (Handbook, Manual and MOOC), used by practitioners working actively in the field and other interested parties working with young TCNs. In addition, to create the conditions of equal opportunities, upscaling and upgrading youth work and work with migrants and guaranteeing equal access to sports for all.

The activities of the project are:
– Kick off meeting in Thessaloniki (GR)
-‘Pass’ Handbook on creation of sport activities and promotion of education through sports
-‘Catch’ Manual about the integration and connection of the TCNs with locals, through the collection of good practices on grassroots level
– Mid term meeting in Bucharest (RO)
-‘Bounce’ MOOC for professionals on the integration of sports at their work with refugees and immigrants
-‘Wave’ Campaign as part of the European Sport Week
– Multiplier Sport Events in all partner countries
– Final Evaluation meeting in Istanbul (TR)

The above activities along with the management and dissemination of the project are integrated and form 5 Work Packages (WPs) for the better management of the project.

Stay tuned for more activities and outcomes!