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Integration 101 is officially launched in Greece!

🌟 The “Integration 101: Inclusion of Refugees through Sports” project has officially commenced with its Kick-Off Meeting, hosted by the United Societies of Balkan (USB)🇬🇷 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Running from February 20th to February 23rd, the event brought together two representatives from each of the six participating organizations (BAIS from HU🇭🇺, ChF from Ireland🇮🇪, IKOS from TR🇹🇷, L’ORMA from IT🇮🇹, Se Poate from RO🇷🇴), setting the stage for productive discussions on project management and implementation processes.

💼 The meeting began with a comprehensive presentation of the project by USB and an in-depth explanation of the activities associated with its five work packages with the contribution of the partners. This provided a solid foundation for the ensuing discussions on quality standards, with valuable input from both leading and partnering organizations.🤝

As IKOS, we will be leading the Work Package 5 activities to effectively promote the usage of sport for social cohesion and integration. We would like to share our excitement to continue with Pass Handbook and other outputs in following 24 months!📚🏀🌍

Stay tuned for the social media accounts and project website to learn more about our projects 💪

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