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Erasmus+ KA1 “Burst Your Bubble – Change Through Social Theatre” project was held in Cyprus!

We woud like to congratulate Rooftop Theatre Team for implementing such a great training course in Mazotos, Cyprus between 8th-16th November 2019!

Various youth workers from Italy, Ukraine, Albania, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Slovenia and Cyprus came together to discover more about usage of theatre to promote activism among the youth people in Europe in order to fight and defend human rights.

During 7 days intense training courses, participants have learned;

Theatre methods (Invisible Theatre, Image Theatre)
Active presentation (Art & Activism Relation)
Facilitation & Improvisation (Face Mask Improvisation, Performance Design in small groups)
Visiting relevant organizations and institutions
Within this training course, such issues adressed;

– Limited awareness of basic human rights violations all over Europe within the general population towards marginalized groups. For specific groups, such as disabled individuals, refugees, religious minorities, LGBITQ+ and others.
– Reports in the media of violence against various groups which consist of minorities within communities. The lukewarm reaction of society towards these, leads us to believe that there are high levels of indifference. This leads to a need for youth workers to Gain more knowledge and develop new skills regarding discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes recognition.
– The need to take the theatre to the people, challenging the bystander and the passive position of the audience. The need to be creative outside the strict confounds of formal theatre-making.

As IKOS; we strongly believe that art is an expressive tool that can be used to reflect an issue and by exposing it trigger a search for its solution. Therefore it was great opportunity to participate such project to create chain effect in the societies that we are living!