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Erasmus+ Project “Sport For Sustainable Societies: Values + Tools Together

🌟 Erasmus+ Project “Sport For Sustainable Societies: Values + Tools Together!” Highlights 🌟

📆 Dates: September 17-25, 2023

🚀 Project Aim: To empower youth organizations from European Program Countries and Partner Neighboring Countries by sharing knowledge, methodologies, and techniques in sports and youth work. Our mission is to boost the methodological and operational capacities of youth workers.

🌍 International Collaboration: We came together with 32 participants from 8 countries (Türkiye, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Jordan, Lithuania and Poland) for a week of transformative experiences:

  1. 🤝 Experiential Learning: Engaging non-formal education activities, including icebreakers and team building exercises, set the stage for collaborative learning.
  2. 📚 Thematic Insights: Dive into learning styles, key competencies, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. 🏛️ Cultural Immersion: Explore Istanbul’s culture with cultural nights and study visits.
  4. 🏋️‍♂️ Sport’s Role: Uncover the political, economic, and social dimensions of sports, and how they can drive youth development.
  5. 🧠 Practical Work: Gain hands-on experience in using experiential learning in sports and debriefing sport activities.
  6. 📣 Seminar Launch: On September 22, 2023, we conducted a seminar and set of activities in the scope of European Week of Sport with full-day activities in Bayrampaşa, İstanbul showcasing our commitment to active living and sports’ role in sustainable societies.

🙏 Gratitude: We extend heartfelt thanks to the Erasmus+ Program and the Turkish National Agency for their invaluable support in making this project possible, our partners for supporting us in this full cycle of journey and our participants to be present and enhancing the connection!

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