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Gang ON – Creative thinking and techniques virtual meeting is held!

Today on 09.10.2020, we had an online meeting with 14 trainers from 5 countries on creative thinking and techniques in the scope of Gang Creatif project.

During the virtual workshop which lasted 1,5 hours; we have started to workshop with an ice-breaker to better connect ourselves with the creative thinking process. The used method was “which questions you would like to answer?”. Each participant of the meeting has come up with a question that they would like to answer. After this ice-breaker, we wanted to activate the brainstorming power of each individual. The question was “How do you define the nationality?”. Then Monica from ENOA gave the instruction to create our own nationality. Participants have brought some of the creative materials to propose their imaginary nation’s traditional costumes, their flag, languages, and 1 cultural habit. Later on, we continued to workshop with a Jam Board digital tool. This tool enforced the participants more systematically collect the data during the brainstorming process. This time, the topic of brainstorming was selected as “What are the most essential 3 objects during your creative thinking process?”. Firstly, all data are collected then each participant has erased the most unessential objects. Music was the common object that participants voted to stay. Then in small groups forms, 3-4 people groups have tried to produce an idea or project containing music in it.

We would like to thank ENOA for such a well-organized virtual workshop!

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