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Here we are: “Social Empowerment Through Sport” Conference in Bilgi University

ISTANBUL, (DHA) – ISTANBUL Bilgi University has been hosted first “Social Empowerment Through Sport” Panel & Workshop in the scope of “International Day of Sport for Development and Peace” which was initiated by the International Olympic Committee and officially announced by the United Nations on April 6, 2013.

“Social Empowerment Through Sport Panel & Workshop” has been organized by Istanbul Bilgi University Sports Management Department in cooperation with UNDP (UN Development Program), IKOS (Istanbul Culture and Sport Association) and BoMoVu (Sports and Body Movement Association for Social Empowerment). Due to this event; 72 various stakeholders have taken place in panel and 30 young people have participated to “Sport & Gender Equality, Sport & Immigration, Sport & Disability, Sport & Children, Sport & Poverty” workshops.

Mrs. Ilknur Hacısoftaoğlu who is the faculty member of Istanbul Bilgi University Sports Management Department was the facilitator of the event. She described sport as a fundamental human right. The United Nations member states define sport as a fundamental human right too. The fact that April 6 is the International Sports Day for Development and Peace is an important indicator of this understanding. In this context, the member states are calling the whole world, both individually and collectively, to spread the Olympic peace, to glorify the people and to support the sport. We should talk about participation in sports and empowerment through sports on this basis.

Mr. M. Volkan Müderrisoğlu who is the chairman of IKOS has run two workshops in the topics of “How to use Sport Methodology in projects” and “Sport & Disability”. In his workshop about using sport methodologies to create more inclusive projects; he underlined that “sport provides a physical development and a universal framework of values. These values are equality, respect, fairness, inclusion which activate learning and complement of cognitive skills. Empowering various disadvantaged groups (women, immigrants, refugees, disable people and their families, transgender people etc.) to be responsible, motivated, sensitive, engaged and respectful can be achieved by/through sport. ” Beside, IKOS’ approved sport project “Women Empowerment in Sport” has been introduced with its all stages. 30 young people have learned about European Commission funded opportunities.

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