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Kick Off Meeting of Women Empowerment in Sport project is held in Istanbul!

This transnational meeting was the first administration meeting of our project. It has taken 2 days in İstanbul and we have discussed how to manage the long term Small Collaborative Partnerships project within technical and financial aspect of the Erasmus+ Sport action. Participants have contributed the meeting flow with their organization presentations, opinions on rescheduling the international activities, possible dissemination strategies, long term action plans to increase the visibility of our project. Our first project meeting took place in Istanbul Bilgi University Sports Management Department, Central Campus. In the light of IKOS – Bilgi University long-term dialogue, we wanted to show to other organization representatives that this department is one of the good examples in the sport field in Turkey.

13th of February was the arrival day of the meeting. All representatives came together in the “Partners Dinner”. In 14th of February, we had our meeting between 9.30 – 18.00 in Istanbul Bilgi University Central Campus. In the first session, we have made the welcoming speech and introduction. Then all partners have introduced their organizations. In the second session, project frame has been explained in detail. The proposed methodology and complementary activities were described. After the lunch, we have gone deeper to talk about the project activities objectives and desired results. The specific timeline of further international meetings has been set. Financial aspect of the project has been shared in the end of this session. In the last session, technical aspects of project (including supportive documents) have been talked. Partners Long-Term Action Plans have been shared. PR Strategy and related task divisions are made. Partners Dinners have been organized in 14th of February. In 15th of February, morning sessions was held to recap the questions and comments regarding to implementation phase. Afternoon was spent with sightseeing in Istanbul. Then participants have started to depart from project venue.