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Life After Sport- Training of Ambassadors is held in Istanbul!

“Life after Sport” project aims to develop an innovative programme to support dual careers that facilitates an optimal combination of high-quality training and education to young athletes using face-to-face workshops. The Programme will target athletes between 15-18 years old, special critical age in which sport and professional transitions take place. In total, 120 athletes coming from the 6 countries will be directly involved in the testing of the pilot programme. Young athletes will be supported by the “Ambassadors of dual career” by the sporting non governmental organisations as a key figure to facilitate the integration in the labor market.

According to the project flow; “Training of Ambassadors” of “Life After Sport” project under Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership Action has been implemented in Istanbul between 13th-18th of October in Istanbul. The main aim of training is enhancing successful preparation for combining sporting career of young athletes by contributing that at a later stage of life they keep a balance between sports training and employment.

Upcoming months, the local implementation will be held with 20 semi-professional athletes between 13-18 years old in each involved countries. Stay tuned!

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