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Next Meeting of 4me4all: Netherlands!

In a momentous gathering in Amsterdam between 24-26th of October 2023, partners of the 4me4all project came together to set the stage for the upcoming pivotal phase.

The agenda featured substantive discussions, highlighting key areas of focus:

1️⃣ Development of an E-module Course for Athlete Tutors: A strategic initiative aimed at crafting an advanced educational module to empower athlete tutors.

2️⃣ Introduction of Innovative Methodologies: Unveiling sophisticated methodologies designed to exemplify excellence and innovation.

3️⃣ Commencement of Mentoring Programs for At-risk Institutionalized Youth: An impactful endeavor to initiate mentoring programs catering specifically to at-risk youth in institutional settings.

4️⃣ Preparation for Future Project Phases: Paving the way for the seamless transition into the upcoming phases of the ‘4me4all’ project.

🌟 Stay engaged as we navigate through this inspiring journey, and anticipate forthcoming updates on our progress. 🌐

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